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The Key Stages of Garden Design

To produce a detailed garden design takes a lot of thought and attention to detail.  It is a creative process that involves working in multiple dimensions, a bit like painting a canvas… but one that will look good in all seasons, in all weathers and evolve over time to give hours of pleasure.

The Key Stages of Garden Design are:
Introductory Meeting
The chance for you to discuss what you are looking for in broad terms, to find out more about the design process and about me.

In this longer meeting the detail about what you require is discussed.  Together we look at the site, talk through the possibilities, your preferences and the look and feel of the garden that you want.

Site Survey & Analysis
A site visit to assess its position and features. Soil analysis is carried out.  Dimensions and levels are measured to enable a scale drawing to be produced.

Concept Plan
The creative process of garden design draws upon the information gathered in the consultation and site survey stages to produce a concept plan.  This is an outline proposal of the new design.  It forms the basis of a discussion to enable a detailed design to be produced.

Detailed Design of Garden Layout
This is a hand drawn design of the garden to scale.  It shows the layout of the hard and soft landscaping, all of the key features and is accompanied by comments and sketches to bring the design to life.

Planting Plan
A planting plan provides the information to enable someone to come along and create the soft landscape of the garden.  It includes a schedule of recommended plants, with quantities and sizes and a scale plan of their position in the garden layout. 

Specification/Construction Drawings
These are drawings and notes that detail the dimensions and materials required for hard landscaping or special features to enable them to be built as envisaged by the designer.

Small rear garden design

Detailed Design of Garden Layout

Aftercare & Maintenance Plan
To help you look after your garden once it is completed I can provide horticultural notes explaining how and when to care for it all year round.

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