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Most people have seen the makeover programmes on television but how much does it really cost to design a garden?

The answer is that the cost of the design varies depending on the size and complexity of the site and on the requirements of the client.  This may seem a bit of a vague response but what you have to remember is that when you employ a garden designer you are commissioning a unique piece of work.

A good designer will spend time getting to know you and what you want from your garden.  Much time will be spent in researching and drafting ideas to combine many elements and create a solution that makes the most of the sites potential.  So what you are essentially paying for is a professional service rather than a product.

How I charge for the work that I do:

•The introductory meeting  to view some of my previous work is free of charge
•The consultation, in which we discuss what you require in detail, costs £75
•I give a fixed price quotation for the design work after the consultation stage

And the cost of the building?

The cost of building the garden also varies depending on the kind of garden you want, but for an average sized garden it’s likely to be into the thousands rather that the hundreds of pounds.

As a rough guide, it is a good idea to think of a professionally designed garden as an investment that will make your property more valuable or desirable in the same way a new kitchen or the addition of a conservatory might.

Some landscape contractors offer a ‘free’ design service, however bear in mind ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’ and the design costs will probably be built into the overall fee.

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